Google announced three helpful Chrome features for desktop and mobile

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Google is always looking for more ways to make Chrome a better browser, which is why the company is always adding new features and additions to it. Today, Google announced three new hopeful Google Search features coming to Chrome that will help augment the overall experience.

Recently, Google announced some new AI features for Chrome it feels that will enhance the experience. One of the latest additions is Help me write throughout all of Chrome. So, no matter what website you’re on, if you are on a text field, you can use Help me write to generate text in any sort of text field. So, no matter what you need to type, the feature will always be there.

Google announced three new useful Search features for Chrome

These features are currently rolling out today, and many people should be able to use them. However, if you can’t use them just yet, then you may want to wait a bit. They may not be available in your region currently. However, it shouldn’t be much of a wait if not.

See what other people are searching for

The first feature will help you widen your search based on similar searches that other people have done. When you open a new Chrome tab, and click on the search bar, you will see your most recent search. On the right side of the list, you’ll see examples of similar searches that other people have done.

Google gave us an example. Say, you recently searched for Japchae (a traditional Korean dish). Well, when you open a new tab and click on the search bar, you’ll see searches for other popular Korean dishes that other people have searched for. We see that other people were searching for Tteok-bokki, Bulgogi, and Bibimbap.

Chrome will show you more images for suggested searches

This feature is exclusive to the mobile version of Chrome. Usually, when you go into Chrome and start typing something, you’ll see an image result for the particular product you’re typing in. However, after the update, Chrome will start showing images of an even broader range of products.

For example, if you want a table that’s Bohemian-inspired, all you have to do is start typing in “Bohemian table.” Under that, you will see suggested searches like Bohemian tablecloth, Bohemian table runner, Bohemian table lamp, but with me and table, and Bohemian table Decor. Each of these results will come with images as well, so you can see what they are.

Better search suggestions even if you have a poor connection

The last new feature is helpful for people who are constantly going outside of their cell range. After this new update, it will be even easier even if you have a very bad connection. Google didn’t quite explain what changed, but it’s a helpful addition nonetheless.

These three new Chrome features are sure to make using it that much better.