Google app gets a dedicated notifications tab on Android

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Earlier in March, the mobile version of Google Search rolled out a new dedicated notification feed for Android devices. Now, the search engine giant has released the same functionality for the Google app. The latest Google app notifications tab feature on Android hasn’t been released widely at the moment. As per 9to5Google, it only seems to be available in the app’s beta version 15.20.

Google app now shows a notifications tab alongside Discover, Search, and Saved

As seen in the screenshots below, the beta version of the Google app on Android now shows a dedicated notification tab, complete with the bell icon. Located at the bottom navigation bar, the notifications tab joins the previously offered Discover, Search, and Saved tabs. The notifications tab in the Google app shows the same updates as you would find in the mobile web version.

The notifications tab displays alerts from search, weather, sports, and more

The Google app’s beta version now includes a continuous stream of notification alerts from Google Search, weather, flight, sports scores, movies & TV shows, word of the day, and much more. These notifications are grouped under two sections, including “Today” and “Earlier”, with the latter tab showing updates older than 24 hours.

Each notification alert has a three-dot menu button next to it. Tapping on the button shows three options, including “Delete”, “Don’t get notifications like this”, and “Send feedback”. Hitting the individual notification will provide you with the search results of that particular update.

The new function will come in handy if you miss an important notification from the Google app. Also, it gives you a more comprehensive view of the notification than Android’s system-level history. If you can’t wait to get your hands on the new notifications tab, then you can sign up for the Google app beta version.

Google is expected to roll out the new tab in the public version of the Google app in the near future. This dedicated notifications tab is the biggest update for the Google app on Android devices. Most recently, the company made it easier to share search result URLs.