Google bids farewell to Works with Nest, Dropcam and Nest Secure

Google Nest Hub render 12

Google has started dropping updates and changes to its smart home products, and it’s affecting Works-with-Nest, Dropcam, and Nest-Secure users. The Works with Nest (WWN) developer program officially shut down on September 29, 2023. Dropcam and Nest Secure will follow suit on April 8th.

Google’s last-minute appeasement offers for Works-with-Nest and Dropcam users

While the Works-with-Nest developer program closed last year, 9to5Google confirms that existing connections will remain active until the time they become entirely inaccessible (between 5-60 days). One of the alternatives Google is introducing is the Google Home script editor in a few months where users can create advanced home automation for existing devices.

As of April 8, 2024, Dropcam and Dropcam Pro cameras will no longer be functional in the Nest app. As a result, those who wish to access anything related to these devices must download their video history before this date. In addition, owners of Dropcams that have been active during the past twenty-eight days will receive an email containing a free Nest Cam subscription before the shutdown date.

Also as part of the transition process for current Nest Aware subscribers, people can either get one free or half-priced Nest Cam, as entailed by the outgoing emails. There is also free recycling for all Dropcam devices provided by Google (if they were sourced from official channels).

Nest Secure is also shutting down leaving the Nest app obsolete

After April 8th, 2024, the Nest Secure system will completely halt and the Nest app will also stop functioning by the end of that day. Eligible U.S customers whose Nest Secure systems were still operational within the last four weeks would receive an opportunity for a free ADT Self Setup System comprising Smart Home Hub, door/window sensors, motion sensors, and twelve-month professional alarm monitoring.

On the other hand, if customers don’t want ADT, they may opt for a $200 Google store credit instead. This move follows Google’s discontinuation of NEST Secure products in 2020 while ADT introduced a modern alternative built around their legacy users.

These updates demonstrate how Google continues its efforts towards streamlining its smart ecosystem for home applications thereby creating new solutions for users’ home security and automation needs. To this end, users should remember these dates and the relevant offers so that they would have an easy time.