Google Boosts Chromebooks with AI: New Features Coming Soon

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Chromebooks are very popular after the Windows. ChromeOS is maintained and developed by Google, and it keeps updating the platform to make it as finetuned as possible. Microsoft recently announced that the new Copilot Plus is coming to premium PCs. Google doesn’t want to be quiet for its laptop OS and the tech behemoth has now announced tons of new AI features that are coming very soon to the Chromebooks.

Google will soon add a slew of AI features to Chromebooks

Just like Microsoft’s Copilot Plus, Google’s newly announced AI features are coming soon to Chromebook Plus models. The normal Chromebook and the Chromebook Plus are two different naming schemes for the same OS. The former is pretty basic, while the latter is comparatively more premium and has better features and specs. So you shouldn’t be expecting these AI features to land on the basic Chromebooks.

Starting with the features, Google has confirmed that Chromebook Plus will soon be getting an AI wallpaper feature. The exact workings of this feature are still unknown, but it can be similar to what we’ve seen on Pixel Phones. Additionally, a “help me write” feature will be added that will help users complete a written prompt with a simple right-click. The users can use the feature to change the tone and rewrite the prompt as well.

Magic Editor was one of the most talked about features during Google I/O 2024. Surprisingly, the Magic Editor is now making its way to the Chromebook Plus. Yes, you heard it right. The premium Chromebook lineup will soon get this feature. Moreover, Gemini is coming to the ChromeOS. New buyers of Chromebook Plus will get 12 months of 2TB Google One AI for free with the device.

Standard Chromebooks will get some AI features as well

Google hasn’t completely forgotten about the standard Chromebooks. Some of the selected AI features, such as integration of ChromeOS and Android Phones, transfer of Wi-Fi credentials and Google Account details using WiFi, GIF screen recording, and updated Game Dashboard, are coming to ChromeOS as well. Apart from this, a lot of features are coming to Chromebooks as well. The gradual rollout of the feature will begin later this year.