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Google Chrome gets new features for improved browsing

new Chrome features Feb 2024

Google has introduced three new features in Chrome aimed at improving your browsing experience. These features provide added convenience and accessibility without compromising performance.

Enhanced Search Suggestions

When using Chrome, you’ll now receive more relevant search suggestions based on what others are searching for.

search suggestions Chrome

This feature tailors suggestions to your previous searches, offering insights into popular topics related to your interests. For instance, if you recently looked up “Japchae,” you might see suggestions for other popular Korean dishes.

Expanded Image Results

Chrome now offers a wider range of image results for suggested searches. Previously limited to specific product searches, such as furniture, the browser now provides images for broader categories like “bohemian table.”

Expanded Image Results Chrome

This feature, available on Android and iOS devices, simplifies visual browsing for users with varied preferences.

Improved Search Suggestions in Low Connectivity

In areas with poor internet connectivity, accessing information can be challenging. Chrome addresses this issue by enhancing on-device capabilities to provide search suggestions even with a weak network connection.

This improvement ensures that users can still benefit from helpful suggestions, even when in Incognito Mode.


These new features are gradually rolling out to users, starting today.

Announcing the updates, Jesse Lee, Product Manager, Chrome, said:

Sometimes when you browse, you’re uncertain about what you’re seeking. Today, we’re unveiling three new features in Chrome to spark your inspiration. You’ll receive more helpful search suggestions in Chrome based on others’ interests, and even access results when your internet connection is weak.