Google could add Gemini-powered replies in Gmail

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With how adamant Google is about Distributing Gemini to all of its services, it should come as no surprise that the company wants to push it into its email application. According to a new report, Google is preparing to add Gemini-powered reply suggestions to Gmail.

The company has been implementing Gemini into several apps, and one of the most recent apps is Google Messages. Now, several users are able to use Gemini as a chatbot in Google messages. Gemini will exist as its own specific text message conversation. There, you’re able to use it just as you would any chatbot. You’re able to ask it questions, generate images, Etc. This feature is still rolling out, so there is a chance that you might not see it just yet.

Google could be preparing to add Gemini-powered suggestions in Gmail

Right now, Google has yet to officially announce this, so you will want to take this news with a grain of salt. We will want to wait until Google officially announces this.

However, with how avid Google is about implementing Gemini in all of its products, it should come as no surprise that the company wants to do this. You can already utilize Gemini within Gmail. You can use it through the Help me write feature. When you start typing an email, you have the option to tap on the little pencil icon. Then, you will type in what kind of email you want it to write for you.

Well, Gemini-powered reply suggestions will help with the other side of emails. Rather than telling you what to send a person, it will tell you what to reply with.

Below, we see a few screenshots. The actual email itself is blurred out, but the suggested replies generated by Gemini are clear. The first screenshot shows some very brief replies, but the second one shows more fleshed-out replies.

Right now, just about every chat and email application has a way of suggesting replies. However, what will set this apart is conversational awareness. Gemini will scan the entire email and gather all the context and needs to formulate a reply. Then, using generative AI, it will generate a reply based on the context.

As with most generative AI tools, you will be able to send feedback. Under the suggestions, we see a “Bad suggestions?” button. This will communicate to Google that it messed up.

At this point, we don’t know when Google plans to roll this new feature out. However, when it does, we expect many people to use it.