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Google enforces Play Store Policies in India, cracks down non-compliant apps

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Google, in its recent announcement, highlighted its sustained efforts in nurturing India’s tech ecosystem for more than two decades.

Emphasizing its unwavering commitment, Google sees India as a promising global innovation hub, attributing its investments to the country’s flourishing digital economy.

Empowering Indian Developers

According to Google India, through platforms like Android and Google Play, India has witnessed a significant shift towards a digital-first economy, empowering millions of mobile users with diverse options and bolstering the growth of startups and developers.

Google Play invests substantially in assisting Indian developers at every stage of their app’s journey, providing essential tools and services to foster innovation, engage users, and facilitate global expansion.

Notably, in 2022, the Android and Play ecosystem collectively supported over 2.5 million jobs in India.

Google’s Payments Policy in India

Google Play charges a service fee for in-app digital goods to sustain its efforts. The company ensures compliance with local regulations and offers tiered pricing programs benefiting Indian developers.

According to Google, only 3% of developers in India sell digital goods or services, with the majority paying 15% or less, the lowest among major global app stores. Google Payments Policy includes:

Fair Application of Policies

Google ensures fair application of its policies across the ecosystem, with over 200,000 Indian developers adhering to these guidelines. However, 10 companies have chosen not to comply, affecting the level playing field.

Enforcement of Policies

Google enforces its policies consistently and may remove non-compliant apps from Google Play. Developers have the option to adhere to Google’s billing system or choose alternative methods.

Billing Options

Developers can choose from three billing options as part of Google Payments Policy:

  • Operate on a consumption-only basis without paying a service fee.
  • Integrate with Google Play’s billing system for safe transactions.
  • Offer an alternative billing system alongside Google Play’s, with reduced fees.
Support for Developers

Google emphasizes its support for developers to comply with policies and offers assistance to ensure a smooth transition. Developers have alternative options for distributing their apps on Android platforms.

Announcing the updates, Google India posted:

Our commitment to investing in India’s digital future remains steadfast, and our ongoing efforts to introduce the highest available standard of technology to the ecosystem reaffirm this dedication. We eagerly anticipate sustaining our collaboration with the entire ecosystem to ensure the enduring success of these endeavors in India.