Google faces a huge fine from the Turkey competition board

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Google recently made tons of announcements related to Artificial Intelligence in its Google I/O 2024 annual event. It made some huge decisions such as the opening of Google Home’s APIs, and the announcement of Project Astra during the event. However, shortly after the event, Google received a warning notice from law forcing authority of Turkey. The authority has also imposed a huge fine on Google.

Turkish competition board fines Google

The Turkish Competition Authority, which is a competition regulator in Turkey, said on Thursday that it has decided to fine Google. The Government of Turkey established this authority to prevent any threats or irregularities in the competitive process within the region. It uses the power granted by law to ensure equal competitiveness in the market.

The authority fined Google for not following the rules for local search services. The authority says that the fine is due to the firm’s negligence towards the law and order. Google will have to pay five-tenth thousand of its 2023 revenue every day. This fine will be imposed on Google until it starts following the board’s orders and regulations.

Google faces fine in Turkey because of non-compliance with regulations

The board says that Google received a substantial penalty because it did not properly include hotel searches in the protections it had already set up. These protections aimed to address competition authority’s concerns about the fairness and competitiveness of local search services. Despite Google’s attempts to resolve some concerns, the decision to exclude hotel searches turned out to be a big mistake, leading to significant penalties.

The order is already in force, which means Google has already started paying the fine starting May 15th. Google still has enough time to comply with the regulations of the authority, or else it will have to pay heavy fines. It is supposed to pay the fine daily. This means the total amount of the fine or the penalty accumulates over time.