Google fixes Chrome bug that was displaying blank web pages

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In the past few weeks, several Google Chrome users have reported getting blank web pages when switching back to an open tab. Apparently, a bug was causing this problem in the Chrome browser on desktop and Android devices. Thankfully, Google has already addressed this bug and has fixed it, according to the Support Manager on the Chrome Help Community.

Google has addressed Chrome’s bug that was displaying no content on web pages

As per ... on the Chrome Help Community forums, the Chrome issue that was causing it to show blank web pages has been fixed. As per reports, some users were getting a blank screen whenever they switched between open tabs. Thankfully, the content reappeared a few moments later for some users. However, the other users had to restart the web page in order to see the information on it.

Google has released a server-side update for Chrome on Windows and Android devices to fix this problem. Since it’s a server-side update, the users don’t need to do anything. It will automatically apply in the background as soon as they close and restart Chrome on their devices. The company released the fix for this bug earlier this week on May 21. It could take some time to reach all Chrome users on Android and Windows devices.

Google Chrome is getting Circle to Search feature on desktop & iOS

Google continues to improve the user experience for Chrome users across platforms by introducing new features from time to time. Soon, the brand will release Android’s Circle to Search functionality for more platforms including desktop and iOS. This feature allows you to draw a circle around an image or type on whatever you want to search for more information, without switching tabs or apps.

Google is already testing Android’s Circle to Search functionality on iOS and desktop devices. Once the testing is complete, we can expect the feature to be available more widely to the public in the coming weeks. Notably, Google is also working towards improving the browser’s AI capabilities by implementing Gemini Nano into Chrome.