Google launches 'paid Chrome' offering with enhanced protection

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Google has announced the latest evolution of its Chrome browser with the launch of Chrome Enterprise Premium. According to Google, this is a new security-focused solution designed for business users. Chrome Enterprise Premium builds on the existing free Chrome Enterprise Core browser with advanced features. The company wants to help businesses better protect their data and systems from growing cyber threats.

Google improves browser security with Chrome Enterprise Premium

The premium version provides organizations with deeper threat detection capabilities and stronger access controls. It uses threat intelligence and AI-powered scanning to detect malware and block phishing attacks. Google says context-aware access controls enable fine-grained permissions for sanctioned web applications. Data loss prevention tools also inspect network traffic to identify and stop unauthorized transfers.

According to the company, Chrome Enterprise Premium is designed to simplify security management for IT teams. Furthermore, Google believes that centralized policies can be enforced to align software, extensions, and protocols with corporate standards. Similarly, dynamic URL filtering and site categorization block access to dangerous or unproductive websites.

“Chrome Enterprise Premium builds on the core capabilities available in Chrome Enterprise, which gives organizations the secure, reliable browser their employees prefer to use with management tools for IT and security teams built in,” Google writes in the blog post.

Why is Chrome Enterprise important?

In case you missed it, Google introduced Chrome Enterprise for the first time in 2017, a subscription service for enterprise users. The service will offer a number of different things for customers. One notable new feature is constant support, as Chrome Enterprise will offer help with issues around the clock, seven days a week. In addition to 24/7 enterprise support, other features such as a robust, layered approach to security should help businesses and IT administrators keep things safe.

While the premium version offers these advanced security controls at an additional cost, the free Chrome Enterprise Core Edition still provides core phishing and malware protection. With these new offerings, Google aims to strengthen the security posture of organizations.