Google Maps in Android Auto gets updated 3D maps sync feature

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For all the Android users out there, Google Maps is releasing a fresh update that changes the toggle for 3D buildings during navigation on Android Auto. Although Google Maps has allowed 3D view on Android Auto for a while, they have now found a way to streamline that specific setting by synchronizing it with your Android smartphone.

Google Maps will now sync 3D building toggle across smartphones and Android Auto

Currently, this feature defaults across different platforms including CarPlay (iOS), Android Auto (Android), and iPhones (iOS). So far, in beta, the current version of Google Maps for Android (v125) brings a small improvement where the choice to show 3D buildings syncs between devices. If you have turned on 3D buildings on your phone, you will also find it switched on inside Android Auto.

AssemblyDebug from X discovered the update earlier. It smoothens customer experience hence enabling “Show 3D Buildings” from phone and Android Auto without any discrepancy. Previously, altering them required the user to go to settings and turn it on manually via the car’s display. Now it syncs with the Maps app on your phone.

With this update in place, users may find it easy to manage 3D settings through their mobile device thereby adjusting it automatically when starting up with Android Auto. However, users should also note that the synchronization only happens during the boot-up, and it may not happen immediately once switched on from smartphones.

Beta testing commences before wider availability

Nonetheless, after reconnecting to your car, Android Auto will take details from the Maps app on your phone. This feature used to work sometimes in previous versions but with the latest update, syncing of devices is far more reliable. Although it is a minor change, it’s a good sign as it indicates that the company hasn’t forgotten Android Auto.

The full release should occur in a few weeks but before then, the beta version is available for testing. Users can modify their 3D building preferences across various Android devices and manage them through Android Auto without any hassle.