Google Meet now supports call transfers between your devices

Google Meet is getting the “Switch Here” feature that will allow you to seamlessly transfer calls to other devices. This way, you can easily jump or switch between your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC without having to close the call.

The new feature was spotted for the first time a few days ago. Now, Google Meet users enrolled in the Rapid Release track are starting to receive it. The company announced the feature through its official blog, quickly summarizing how it will work.

Google Meet ‘Switch Here’ to let you jump between your devices during a call

The “Switch Here” feature of Google Meet seeks to avoid complications or frustration when, for some reason or another, you want to switch to another device during a video call. For example, the idea is that you can start a call from your phone, and then easily switch to your laptop, tablet, or any compatible device. Considering the nature of the service, it’s curious that an option like this has taken so long to arrive. However, sometimes it is better late than never.

Once you get the new feature, you will notice a new “Switch here” icon. It will be available in the Meet app on your free devices during a call. By tapping it, the call will seamlessly transfer to that device. By default, the device from which you initiated the call will lose the connection. However, there is also an option to prevent this from happening. You can have the call available on both sides from “Other joining options” if you wish.

In addition, the interoperability of the new feature is total. This means that Google Meet “Switch Here” will work between compatible products on any operating system. Whether you want to jump from your Android phone to a Windows PC, iPhone, or Chromebook, you can do it without problems.

Although the rollout of the feature has already begun, it will be gradual over the next two weeks. The full rollout will begin on May 9, according to Google.

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