Google Pixel 8a is coming with a new battery feature

Google Pixel 8a CAD render jpg.webp

A lot of rumors concerning the Google Pixel 8a have been making the rounds on the internet for the last few weeks. However, Google has now directly hinted at the upcoming Google Pixel 8a device along with a new battery-related feature. You may be aware of this battery-related feature that the brand recently removed from the Pixel devices. It is going to make its comeback through the forthcoming budget champ from the brand.

The battery stats feature is coming back with the Google Pixel 8a

Google had added a new battery stats feature with the Android 14 QPR 1 update on the Pixel devices. This new feature shows detailed stats about the battery and its recent usage, which was helpful in many ways. The feature shows details such as the manufacturing date, charging cycle, and the capacity of the battery. But as soon as the users started enjoying the feature, Google decided to roll it back. After the March update, the brand removed the feature from all the devices.

Reacting to this, users started raising questions about why Google removed the feature on the official issue tracker page. Addressing this, one of the brand’s officials responded by saying “We only enable this on Pixel 8a and beyond.” This response not only confirms that the removal of this feature was intentional but also confirms the existence of the Pixel 8a smartphone. The brand did not comment on why they removed the feature though.

The removal of this feature could be because of multiple reasons such as hardware incompatibility or maybe inaccurate data. However, as claimed by the brand, all the future Pixel devices launching after the Google Pixel 8a will have the battery stats feature. It is no doubt going to be a very useful addition.

What can we expect from the coming Pixel 8a device?

Google is expected to launch the Pixel 8a in the coming months. It will most probably launch in May, during the Google I/O 2024. It is going to be the budget champ of the whole Pixel 8 lineup. We don’t have much information about it. But as per the rumors and leaks, the device will offer a design similar to the existing Pixel 8 and 8 Pro devices. It will have a dual rear camera with a possible combination of a main wide with a secondary ultrawide lens. Tensor G3 chipset will fuel the device.