Google Play Store now has a persistent bottom bar

Google Play Store Redesign AM AH 1

The Google Play Store is now getting a persistent bottom bar. Again, that’s another change you’ll see while using the Google Play Store. Last month, Google introduced a new Search tab in the Google Play Store. The new Search tab feature combined with the persistent bottom bar is rolling out slowly to users.

You’ll see the bottom bar throughout the app’s interface

Gone are the days when you used to see the bottom bar only on the home page of the Google Play Store. Soon, you will find a persistent bottom bar in the Google Play Store. That means, not only will it appear on the home page as it used to, but it will be visible throughout the app’s UI. You can see it whenever you browse the list of apps, app pages, or app developer pages.

That said, the Play Store’s persistent bottom bar could give a cluttered-screen vibe initially. But, it might come in handy to perform certain actions quickly from anywhere within the app. With the Games tab and the Apps tab always available, it is easier to switch between them.

Earlier, Google added a new Search tab to the Play Store

Talking of the new Search tab, you’ll see a ‘Meet the Search tab’ prompt as soon you enter the Google Play Store. The new Search tab shows a cool animation of a magnifying glass rotating whenever you select it. And, it is available in between the Apps and Offers tab in the bottom bar. You can tap the search icon in the bottom bar of the Play Store to expand the search interface within the popular Android app.

The Search tab is divided into four sections: Discover, You Might Like, Explore Games, and Explore Apps. Notably, all the sub-sections within them are placed in the grid format. Let’s not forget that you’ll also see a persistent Play Points counter at the top right. However, Google seemingly didn’t change the position of the Books tab for now.

It seems Google is playing with new features lately. However, time will tell whether users love the idea of the persistent bottom bar in the Play Store. Moreover, if you are eager to see the changes, you’ll have to wait until it is available to your device. We don’t know the exact date yet, but the changes are rolling out slowly for users globally.