Google released the Android 15 beta 2

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Along with the avalanche of AI news we got from Google during the first day of Google I/O, we’re also getting news about the next version of Android. The Android 15 beta 2 has just launched, and it brings a few neat features that will make the platform better.

One of the most notable announcements has to do with the availability of the beta. Usually, only Pixel users would be able to experience the beta during the testing phase. Other companies would follow months afterward. However, Google is doing things differently this year.

The company partnered with several brands to help them get beta access earlier. These Brands include Lenovo, OnePlus, Sharp, Oppo, Vivo, Honor, Xiaomi, Realme, iQOO, and Tecno. This is very significant because several companies on this list don’t really have a presence in the States.

So, these companies will be able to test out Android 15 earlier, and this ostensibly means that the stable build should arrive on their phones sooner than usual.

Google released the Android 15 beta 2

You can expect some features to either change or be removed in the final release. If you are excited about testing out Android 15, just know that you could potentially be downloading unstable software. Be careful before you install it.

One of the bigger changes coming to the Android 15 beta is the new privacy feature. This will allow you to create a safe space on your phone which will lock out designated apps and media.

Next, the Predictive Back feature will be made more widely available. Predictive back lets you preview where your phone will go if you use the back gesture.

A new feature will let you change how you are addressed when using gendered languages. Next up, Android 15 will give you the ability to identify different types of notifications based on vibrations.

For people using foldables and tablets, Android 15 will bring better multitasking capabilities. These will allow you to save split screen combinations, pin apps to the taskbar, Etc.

Android 15 will also introduce different types of health data including skin temperature, performance goals, and completion goals.

Getting the beta

If you want to try out the Android 15 beta 2, you’ll need to be using an eligible Pixel phone. You will need to be using a Pixel 6 or newer. Be warned, however, if you enter the beta program, you will not be able to exit without having all of the data on your phone erased. Rather, Google will offer specific windows of time when you can leave the beta while attending your data. However, these windows are few and far apart, so you will need to be 100% sure that you want to use the beta software.

To get started, go to the official Android beta website.