Google reportedly working on satellite SOS feature for Pixels

AH Pixel Satellite SOS Feature jpg.webp

Pixel phones may soon get an emergency SOS feature that lets users send emergency messages via satellite. The feature is reportedly part of the Adaptive Connectivity Services app and will be enabled in a future update. A satellite SOS feature for Pixel devices is not something that is entirely a surprise. Google initially announced plans to bring it to Pixel phones back in 2022. It was rumored again in 2023 that Google would be working with Garmin on it. But hasn’t made any public announcements about its arrival in quite some time. Leading some to speculate that Google may have decided to pull the plug on it.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Google is still seemingly working on the feature and it could be ready in the near future. While not active yet, references to the feature were found within the Adaptive Connectivity Services app’s latest version by the Google News Telegram channel. The app version in question is p.2024.08, and talks about how the feature would work. Once enabled, users will be able to find the feature inside the Safety and Emergency section of the settings menu on their Pixel device.

From there, users would tap on the Satellite SOS menu. As of right now though nothing happens when you tap that section. Nor would it if you weren’t on the version mentioned above.

The satellite SOS feature on Pixel phones doesn’t have a release date

There’s no set release date for the feature but it’s likely to be soon if references to the feature are already being found. You can get to the SOS menu from Safety and Emergency settings. However, you can’t get inside of the menu yet. The Google News Telegram channel was able to enable this menu though and discover some details which you can see in the screenshots below. You’ll be able to use the satellite SOS to call or text emergency services. With the intention of this being active should you be out of range of mobile or Wi-Fi coverage.

The menu inside Safety and Emergency settings also provides a three-step guide on how the feature works. After you contact emergency services, you’ll be asked to answer a few questions about the emergency to get the right help. At this point, you can share your location or send it in Google Maps. Additionally, the satellite SOS menu also has a demo that users will be able to try to get a feel for how things work. You can also use this menu to set sharing preferences for emergency contacts.