Google rolling out Generative AI tools to Demand Gen users

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Google Demand Gen will now include Generative AI tools for “creative and visual storytelling”. The tool currently includes the ability to generate images from existing images and text prompts.

Demand Gen platform gets Gen AI tools for image creation

Google introduced Demand Gen last year. It includes a broad spectrum of tools for advertisers. This platform simplifies and accelerates the creation of promotional messages. In other words, Demand Gen helps advertisers create visual stories that can be posted on YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Discover, and Gmail.

Needless to add, Google has some of the most immersive and entertainment-focused touchpoints. Hence, advertisers have highly promising platforms where they must catch user attention and retain the same for the longest possible time.

With Demand Gen getting the power of Gen AI, advertisers get an even more enhanced set of tools. Using these tools, brands can, “tell a compelling and engaging story in a fast-paced, non-linear digital landscape,” Google has indicated in a blog post announcing the feature inclusion.

The Gen AI tools within Demand Gen have Google AI powering them. Similar to Mid-Journey and countless other Gen AI tools, Demand Gen users gain the power of creating and editing high-quality and high-resolution image assets with a few text prompts.

Google is also allowing advertisers to insert their existing images to generate multiple options with an easy-to-use “Generate more like this” feature.

How to use Gen AI tools in Demand Gen?

Gen AI relies heavily on text prompts. Modern tools allow users to be exceptionally specific with their requests. Combined with the power of Google Analytics and other benchmarking tools, Demand Gen users can quickly churn out ad campaigns with highly searched keywords.

Generative AI tools allow users to quickly modify an existing image or create an entirely new one from scratch, in a matter of seconds. However, Google is well aware that its Google AI platform can be only as good as the content that it gets.

Hence, Google is urging Demand Gen users to adopt a “test-and-learn strategy” as they “fine-tune creatives” for their audiences and campaign goals. The search giant has categorically requested users to feed the Gen AI with “high-quality and relevant visuals”.

Google has multiple safeguards that strictly follow its Ads Policies. Moreover, Google AI has “additional technical measures to ensure generative image tools in Google Ads produce novel and unique content,” Google assures.

Google has integrated the Gen AI tool directly within Google Ads campaign creator. Users can start creating their ad campaigns either by adding their images or entering specific text prompts to generate desired visuals.

Simply put, Google has made it easier for Demand Gen users to use Google AI and create captivating visuals without leaving the Google Ads platform. The company has clarified that its engine would never create two identical images. Moreover, all images that its Gen AI tool creates will have open-standard markup or digital watermarks, Google has assured.