Google TV gets a homescreen redesign with circular icons and more

Google TV is rolling out a new homescreen redesign, featuring circular icon shapes for apps and a host of other enhancements. Announced via Google’s support forum, this update brings significant changes to the user interface. The circular icons are smaller than their rectangular predecessors and allow more apps to be displayed simultaneously. Not to mention, it enhances user accessibility and navigation.

The “Your apps” row now features “reorder” and “add apps” buttons

One of the standout improvements is the revamped “Your apps” row. With a dedicated button for app reordering, users can easily customize the arrangement of their apps without navigating through multiple menus. Additionally, the introduction of an “add apps” button simplifies the process of installing new applications, streamlining the user experience further. These enhancements aim to streamline app management and improve overall usability.

Google TV redesignGoogle TV redesign

Furthermore, Google is introducing a new shortcut to free live TV channels within the “Your apps” row. This feature provides easy access to a variety of content, including local news, movies, and sports, without requiring additional downloads or subscriptions. By integrating free TV channels directly into the homescreen, Google TV enhances content discovery and accessibility for users.

Google TV expands the “Your apps” row to accommodate more apps

In response to user feedback and evolving preferences, Google has expanded the “Your apps” row to accommodate more app icons. It ensures that users have quick access to their most-used apps, optimizing efficiency and productivity. With an emphasis on user-centric design, Google aims to provide a seamless and intuitive experience for its users.

By prioritizing user feedback and addressing user needs, Google TV strives to enhance the overall viewing experience and elevate its platform’s usability. As the redesign begins its rollout starting today, users can expect to see these updates gradually implemented across all devices “over the next few months”.

In short, Google’s homescreen redesign for Google TV represents a significant step forward in enhancing user experience and accessibility. With circular app icons, improved app management features, and easier access to free live TV channels, the redesign aims to streamline navigation and provide users with a more personalized viewing experience.