Google will implement Gemini Nano into Chrome

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Google is not shy about implementing Gemini into its products. Today, during Google I/O, the company announced some new AI features coming to its products and services. Among the announcements, we found out that Google is implementing Gemini Nano into the Chrome browser.

In case you don’t know, Google I/O is currently going on. The company mostly spoke about artificial intelligence. It talked about where Gemini is going, and future applications of the model. Here is a full recap of all the AI features announced during the show. Google is yet to announce the new innovation is coming to Android, as that’s reserved for the second day. So, if you’re excited about what’s coming to Android, mark your calendar for May 15th.

Google is going to integrate Gemini Nano into Chrome

In case you don’t know what Gemini Nano is, this is the AI model currently being implemented into smartphones. People using Pixel 8 series phones and Galaxy S24 phones have access to it. However, other companies are going to implement this model.

This is an AI model that’s small enough to fit on a smartphone chip, and it’s still able to power some pretty powerful AI tools. This includes text translation, speech transcription, conversation summaries, Etc.

Well, Google doesn’t only want smartphone users to have all the fun. During Google I/O, developer Jon Dahlke announced that Google is implementing Gemini Nano directly into the Chrome browser. Sure, Chrome could use tools powered by Gemini Ultra or Gemini 1.5 Pro. However, implementing Gemini Nano directly into the Chrome browser means that it can quickly access generative AI without having to contact a server. This enables it to use certain AI tools quickly and efficiently.

This is also great news for developers. Developers will be able to engineer their sites to utilize Gemini Nano. The possibilities are endless, and that’s the theme that the company set today.

The rollout will be gradual. Starting today, Gemini Nano in Chrome will be available starting with Chrome version 126. That day is not far from us, as the most recent stable version of Chrome is 125.0.6422.14.