Google's graveyard keeps growing, Google Podcasts is the latest victim

Google’s graveyard keeps growing, as Google Podcasts becomes the company’s latest victim. The application is going away today, April 2. At the time of writing this article, it was still around, but it’ll be gone by the end of the day.

Google Podcasts is the latest app/service to join Google’s graveyard

If you still didn’t grab your data, don’t fret, as you have until July to do so. Google granted its users until then to export any subscriptions they may have on the service. We presume that the vast majority of users already switched to other podcasting services/apps.

Why? Well, we knew that Google Podcasts is going away since September last year. So users had plenty of time to think about where will they switch to. Needless to say, the news regarding the shutdown of the app managed to ruffle some feathers.

Google Podcasts was the company’s third podcasting service

What’s even more interesting is that Google Podcasts is the third podcasting service Google launched. It follows Google Listen (2009-2012) and Google Play Music Podcasts (2016-2020).

Why is Google killing off Google Podcasts? Well, Google wants to pin podcasting under the YouTube umbrella. So, get ready for the podcasting app number 4, YouTube Podcasts.

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In case you were wondering, Google Podcasts has been around for 8 years. It had the longest time span of any podcasting service Google released thus far, by far. Some people really liked that app, but not many enough to convince Google to leave it alone, apparently.

Google Podcasts came to life in a rather odd way, though. It started off as an embedded player within Google Search results, basically. It worked on and Android’s search app. Later on threw a proper app to the table.

It joins a long list of services Google killed off over time

Either way, Google Podcasts joins a long list of apps/services Google killed off over the years. People are quite used to it by now, as Google has become well-known for it.

Many people still can’t get over the fact Inbox got killed off by Google, and the same goes for Google+, some users really lowed that social media network. Those are just some examples, the list is really, really long.