Grand Theft Auto VI release date set for Fall 2025

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Grand Theft Auto VI is coming in 2025, a fact that was confirmed by Rockstar with the launch of the first official trailer last December, but now the release date has a much smaller window. In its latest earnings report, Take-Two Interactive confirmed when players can expect to play the game.

While there’s no exact date for the time of arrival yet, it’s no longer just “sometime next year.” According to Take-Two, Grand Theft Auto VI now has a release date of Fall 2025. So that gives players a general idea of when the game will hit store shelves. Whether you plan to play the game through a physical or digital copy, it seems you can start planning to dive in sometime after next September.

This launch date is likely a lot further out than the franchise’s biggest fans were hoping. But it’s not really surprising. With as big of a game as Grand Theft Auto VI is going to be, it stands to reason that Rockstar might still have plenty of work to do. A confirmed Fall release date also means that the game isn’t being delayed until 2026. At the beginning of May, analyst predictions had the game pegged for a much later launch. This was due to expected downturns of Take-Two’s 2025 fiscal year.

With a Fall 2025 release date, Grand Theft Auto VI is ripe for holiday gifting

Not quite a holiday title, but close. If the game is arriving next Fall, then it should be available before Christmas. Assuming there are no delays. It should also arrive in time for the holiday shopping season. Which means it could end up launching sometime between October and November.

The Fall season starts around September 22 or September 23, so there is a good chance Grand Theft Auto VI could arrive close to those dates as well. Another thing to consider is the launch of the PS5 Pro. The PS5 Pro is suspected to launch sometime around the 2024 holiday season. And that would give it close to a full year of availability before Rockstar’s next big game drops.

It’s not too wild to think that even if Rockstar needs more time to finish development, it also wants the PS5 Pro to be ready before the game’s release. Because it should be capable of delivering a better visual experience with improved performance.

Take-Two expects fiscal 2025 net bookings in the billions

In addition to the very brief mention of Grand Theft Auto VI’s release timing, Take-Two also highlights that it expects its net bookings for the fiscal year 2025 to be in the billions. “As we enter Fiscal 2025 with positive momentum, we expect to deliver Net Bookings of $5.55 to $5.65 billion. Our outlook reflects a narrowing of Rockstar Games’ previously established window of Calendar 2025 to Fall of Calendar 2025 for Grand Theft Auto VI. We are highly confident that Rockstar Games will deliver an unparalleled entertainment experience, and our expectations for the commercial impact of the title continue to increase,” the company said.

It also reported total net bookings of $1.35 billion for the fiscal year 2024, which is down 3% compared to the previous fiscal year.