Group accuses PDP, LP of plotting to derail upcoming LG election

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The Imo Political Awareness Group, IPAG, accused the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and Labour Party, LP, of plotting to derail the forthcoming Local government elections in the state.

The group said it is representing citizens who are devoted to promoting democracy and good governance in Imo State.

In a statement issued on Friday by the National convener, Mr Collins Opurozor said the group was deeply troubled by recent developments concerning the forthcoming LG elections and the alarming rhetoric emanating from certain anti-Imo elements within the opposition PDP and LP.

The statement read in part” In the last few days, the opposition lieutenants have gone haywire, bleating from one radio station to another, threatening fire and brimstone over the government’s plans to expand the spread of democratic dividends in Imo by organizing credible LGA polls.

“IPAG decries the recurring pattern of sabotage and subversion by these political bad guys each time a major milestone is recorded in our state.

“Particularly, it is no secret that these unpatriotic power-seekers have repeatedly resorted to fueling insecurity as a means to achieve their selfish political goals, whilst disregarding the lives, property and welfare of the people whom they pretend to love.

“Guided by our knowledge of their antecedents, we are, therefore, genuinely worried that they may have concluded plans once again to deploy their only weapon, which is the sponsorship of insecurity, to actualize their mission of derailing the upcoming LGA elections.

“To be clear, the announcement by the administration of Governor Hope Uzodimma regarding plans to conduct LGA elections should be welcomed as a positive step towards strengthening grassroots democracy and promoting inclusive governance.

“However, it is disheartening to witness the opposition’s knee-jerk reaction, faulting the plans and baselessly alleging that such a laudable move is just a pretext for looting public funds.

“IPAG affirms that a properly constituted LGA structure is elected through the ballot and which also sets performance metrics for the operators of the system.

“Launching verbal onslaughts against the administration of Senator Uzodimma for doing the right thing entails that the opposition helmsmen have become clear and present a threat to the progress of our state.

“In view of that, IPAG categorically condemns the irresponsible behaviour of these individuals and warns them against any further attempts to sow discord and chaos in our state.

“We remind them that the people of Imo State deserve leaders who prioritize their well-being and development over petty political gains. Enough is enough!

Moreover, we call upon the relevant security agencies to swiftly investigate the incendiary comments being spewed by the media hirelings of these opposition parties and take decisive action to prevent any potential acts of violence or destabilization.