Hadiza Musa Ujah Floats Foundation To Immortalize Late Husband – Alh Musa

Hadiza Musa Ujah has floated the foundation to immortalize her Late Husband – Alh Musa.


NaijaOnPoint Nigeria reports that onetime  famous political kingmaker, illustrious son of the Igala nation and eminent Nigerian citizen, from whom most political stakeholders in the current dispensation benefitted immensely, the late Alhaji Musa Ujah, has been immortalized by her committed wife, Hadiza Musa Ujah, a frontline member of the All Progressives Congress {APC}

Speaking at the event to announce the formal establishment of a foundation, ” The Hadiza Musa Ujah-Offoboche Foundation’‘, in her native home of Yala Community of Cross River State, Hadiza Musa Ujah said, ”In a community like  Yala, just like the entire communities of most of the African nations, where the contrast between wealth and poverty is stark,  a beacon of hope, has emerged in the form of the Hadiza Musa Ujah Offoboche Foundation”.


The founder of the foundation, Hadiza Musa Ujah, who alongside her late husband, Alhaji Musa Ujah, while he was alive and well, dedicated time towards serving humanity and significant others, explained that, ” the foundation was established with a vision to uplift the economic conditions of existence, welfare and burden of the less privileged sub-populations in the society as well as empower the physically challenged individuals, widows and orphans in the society.

Hadiza Musa Offoboche-Ujah is a woman of boundless empathy and unwavering commitment to humanitarian causes, even as her deep-rooted belief in the inherent dignity of every human being propelled her to take action and make a difference in the lives of those who are socially and economically excluded and neglected.

Speaking further, she explained that, “the foundation’s objectives are clear and ambitious”, stressing that, these objectives, can best be captured through educational empowerment-processes , adding that the foundation is  aimed at providing  access to quality education for underprivileged children, recognizing it as a fundamental pathway out of poverty.

The highlights of the occasion were the award of academic scholarship schemes   to secondary  school students, supply of books and allied  educational resources to all the lucky beneficiaries, who showed excitement, happiness, at the kind gestures extended to them by taking a burden off the shoulders of their individual and respective low-income earning families.

She said, ” You know  when my late husband was alive, he was very passionate about me, establishing a Foundation that would cater for the basic needs and felt needs of the less privileged, widows, orphans, physically challenged and the poorest of the poor.”

“That dream has come to reality today, with the formal launch of the foundation”.

“To ensure that every child has the opportunity to fulfil his or her potential,” according to Hadiza Musa Ujah, is a positive self-actualization drive that has come alive today to the glory of GOD.

The foundation had very extensive and creative empowerment spheres of coverage such as:


Skills Development & Vocational Training:

Under this level of training, the trainees are schooled to grasp, master as well as have a thorough understanding of the importance of economic empowerment processes.

In doing this, the foundation has set out to offer vocational training programs tailored to the needs and abilities of individuals with disabilities.

These range from carpentry as well as woodwork to computer skills and literacy.

All these initiatives, she added, are aimed at equipping participants with practical skills that would enable them to secure gainful employment or have their respective private business start-ups and become their own business bosses in the near future.

Recognizing the challenges faced by individuals with physical disabilities, Hadiza Musa Ujah stated that the foundation has a large ambition to develop healthcare facilities and rehabilitation centers that shall be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and staffed by compassionate professionals. These facilities shall provide medical treatment, therapy, and support services to enhance the quality of life for those in need.


Advocacy and Awareness Campaigns: 

The foundation, she also said, is committed to raising awareness about the rights and capabilities of the physically challenged community, challenging stereotypes and advocating for inclusivity and accessibility in all areas of society. Through media campaigns, workshops, and community outreach programs, to foster a more inclusive and understanding society.

In her words, “as the foundation grows, it shall garner support from philanthropists, businesses, and government agencies who share in its vision of a more equitable society.”

She explained that volunteers from all walks of life shall be made to lend their time and expertise, embodying the spirit of solidarity and compassion that Hadiza Musa Ujah has exemplified throughout her political journey.

An excited Hadiza Musa Ujah, who was overwhelmed by the mammoth crowd  that graced the foundation launch , said , “one of the foundation’s biggest dreams is the vision to establish of the Hadiza Musa Ujah Offoboche Rehabilitation Center, a kind of  facility that would be equipped with advanced medical equipment and staffed by a team of dedicated professionals.”

She added that “individuals with physical disabilities could receive personalized care and support, undergoing rehabilitation programs designed to help them regain mobility, independence, and confidence.”

Through its tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to its mission, the Hadiza Musa Ujah Offoboche Foundation, is set to become a beacon of hope for the less privileged and physically challenged individuals in Yala and beyond.



Special Report By Hamisu Musa-Shiroro and Ngozi  Nwachukwu