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HARMAN takes legal action against fake JBL products in India

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HARMAN, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, is cracking down on counterfeit JBL products in India. They have initiated legal actions against manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and dealers involved in selling or making fake JBL products.

In a recent raid conducted with law enforcement, HARMAN’s investigation team seized counterfeit JBL car speakers from car accessories shops across five locations in Kashmiri Gate, New Delhi. A total of 54 fake JBL speakers were confiscated.

Commitment to Quality

Vikram Kher, Vice President of Lifestyle at HARMAN India, reaffirmed the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality products. HARMAN is determined to address any threats to their commitment caused by unlawful sales with firm and immediate action.

HARMAN advises consumers on how to spot counterfeit JBL products:
  • Beware of Drastically Reduced Prices: Counterfeit JBL products are often sold at much lower prices with compromised quality.
  • Inconsistent Cosmetic Details: Fake products may have inconsistencies in their appearance compared to genuine JBL items.
  • Check Packaging and Logo: Genuine JBL products have high-quality packaging with accurate logo placement and color.
  • Notice Product Quality: Counterfeit products may feel lightweight, have a chemical odor, or show signs of poor quality.
  • Research Sellers: Verify the reputation of the seller and look for authorized retailer certificates.

Commenting on the announcement, Vikram Kher, Vice President of Lifestyle at HARMAN India, said:

We are pursuing rigorous legal actions against individuals engaged in the sale of these counterfeit products. It is crucial for our consumers to remain vigilant and purchase products only from authorized retailers. We will continue these investigations to curb the sale of such products across India.