“Have a conscience”- ‘Mama G’, Patience Ozokwo threatens lawsuit against malicious trending fake news

Patience Ozokwor4

Patience Ozokwo, also known as Mama G, warns against spreading false news about her involvement in a deliverance story

She criticizes those who spread fake news for views and emphasizes the need to verify information before publicizing it.

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Mama G

Mama G states that those responsible for spreading misinformation about her will face legal consequences.

“Don’t say I said, saw, did what never happenedDon’t carry fake news just to get viewsHave a conscience

Life is too short

Live it well

DisclaimerI have nothing to do with any deliverance story going around social media. Those responsible will face prosecution.

If you don’t see it on my verified platforms or hear it from me, then it is probably a lie.” Patience Ozokwo wrote on Instagram.