“Have You Impregnated Judy Again?” – Reactions As Yul Edochie Asks Fans to Call Him “Father Abraham”

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Nigerian actor Yul Edochie sparked a heated online discussion with a recent social media post in which he requested to be called “Father Abraham.”

The film director took to Instagram and urged his fans to refer to him as “Abraham, father of many nations,” which left many bewildered.

This reference to Abraham, the biblical patriarch known for having many descendants, has aroused speculation regarding the significance of his comments.

“New name alert. Anywhere you see me, call me Abraham father of many nations” Yul Edochie wrote.

His post sparked comments online. Many people criticised him, arguing that he did not deserve to be named that name, while others guessed that he was expecting a child with his second wife Judy.

Reacting to ...;

@poshab_ wrote: “Only God know wetin this man tell May wey she accepts to marry am”

@edith.nkemdilim wrote: “You’re too irresponsible to be called Abraham. Stay in one place Yul!!”

@azohmonica wrote:  “Are we expecting another baby from mami pastor?.. tell us no di use style”

@cynthiaxx_mia wrote; You just confirmed the news of Judy’s pregnancy

@jubilant_nwendy wrote; “You are fighting hard to be on the news this week

@teejaiygold wrote:  “This guy needs a therapist, only if you know what he’s going through inside. He doesn’t want to loose his wife and family but the other woman has gone far in what she did to get him. Yul’s soul is restless, forget all he’s doing here. The Edochies family are weak, else who is Judy to have held their son to ransom”