“He reeks of low self-esteem” – Daniel Regha blasts Portable for publicly humiliating his wife on her birthday

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Daniel Regha, a Twitter critic, has slammed singer Portable for allegedly humiliating his wife in public during her birthday party.

Portable has been loud in his criticism of his wife and other women in his life for some months, causing spectators, including Regha and a large number of internet critics, to lose interest.

The most dramatic incident was when Portable responded angrily to his wife’s birthday letter, in which she dubbed herself the “Queen of Herself.” Portable responded with a strong scolding on social media, emphasising respect and cautioning her against the influence of trolls.

During a live Instagram broadcast, he threatened to kick her out of their shared home unless she changed the contentious caption.

He further insinuated that her friends might be instigating the discord, suggesting they were attempting to turn her against him.

In reaction, Regha took to twitter to express his disapproval of Portable’s penchant for seeking the spotlight.

He emphasized that respect is a consequence of one’s actions rather than an entitlement. Acknowledging the unknown dynamics that occur away from public view, Daniel Regha pointed out that Portable’s online conduct is unbecoming, as it seemingly stems from a need for validation and a sense of insecurity.

He urged those within Portable’s inner circle to counsel him on his conduct, highlighting the importance of understanding that the desire for constant attention can be detrimental, and that respect is earned through character, earned through one’s deeds.

“Portable is yet to realize that he mustn’t be the center of attention all the time, & respect is earned not given. No one knows what happens behind the scenes/cameras, but he’s been doing the most which isn’t a good look. Him constantly dragging him partners online reeks of low self-esteem, almost like he craves their validation. Someone should talk to him”.