High cost of beverages: Households go into local production

Cocoa Beverages 1

A typical average Nigerian household consumes beverages (chocolate powdered drink) daily.

However, the continuous increase in the price of goods and services, which is affecting all and sundry, is also affecting the beverage sector.

Today, the sight of different brands of beverages greet you, as you visit the market, but the prices are no no-go area.

Gone are the days when you could afford a sachet of beverage drink for N20.

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Economy& Lifestyle visits to various provision stores showed that a sachet of any beverage drink (20 grams) cost between N120 to N200, with the quantity and quality reduced.

As a result of this, many have resorted to making their own beverages.

Mrs. Uzoma Kalu, a fashion designer said that she was buying a tin of beverage powder for N8,000 before but had to start producing hers when she was informed that the price is now N15,000.
“I used to buy 900 grams of beverage for N8,000. Then the price started increasing to N9,000 and up to N15,000.

“I was very worried because that is what my kids and husband have for breakfast most mornings.
“I was still thinking about it when I stumbled on a video on how to make powdered beverage .

“I followed suit as all the materials didn’t cost me more than N5,000.

“It was superb when I tasted the finished product which looks more like the common beverages we consume.

“I have introduced it to most of my friends and they are forever grateful to me.”
However, Mr. Segun Fadahun, a plumber, said that he has resorted to taking tea since the cost of beverages increased.
“Most of the beverages in the market are nothing to write home about.

“If you drink some, you will discover the quality has dropped. Especially, those ones in smaller sachet.

“Not only is the quality poor, the prices of these beverages are high.

“Even the prices of the newest brands that are not up to a year in the market have also increased

“What do we drink now? I am now into tea drinking.

“Because if you want to make a beverage drink before you just need N100 and you are satisfied.
“But now, a sachet of beverage is between N120 to N150 and due to the reduced quantity you will need two.

“A sachet of milk is N200 to N250 depending on the quality.

“So you see how much a family of four will spend to drink tea.”

Miss. Tomiwa Mautin, an undergraduate, said she makes most of her dry food items herself including beverages.

“I make most of my dry food items like maggi, custard and beverage powder.

“Since I learnt these online, I have never taken my money to the market to get these items, especially beverages.

“Many of my friends also make their beverage.

“The prices of beverages in the market are high and only those that are well to do are patronizing them.

“Some well-to -do households are not even buying it frequently anymore, they substitute.”
She told Economy&Lifestyle that all she required was cocoa powder, milk powder, icing sugar , milk flavor powder (optional), salt, and egg white powder

Explaining the cause of the increase in the price of beverages, Mr. George Badmus, a provision store owner said:”The destination of this country is unknown to anyone.

“What is happening in one business is also happening in another.

“The way the cost of beverage is increasing is worrisome.

“Most companies supplying us are complaining of the high cost of production due to the depreciation of the naira against the dollar.

“Hence such cost is inflicted on the consumers.

“People no longer buy beverage. Even the ones with lesser prices are not well patronized because many people are used to a particular beverage.”