HONOR will launch its first flip phone & smart ring in 2024

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HONOR has confirmed that it will launch its first flip phone foldable and smart ring this year. Those are two firsts for the company, and the news has been confirmed during an interview with CNBC.

This is definitely official, as it comes from the mouth of George Zhao, the CEO of HONOR. We’re not sure what the phone will be called, but the smart ring is referred to as the HONOR Ring.

The very first flip phone & smart ring from HONOR coming this year

The potential name for the flip phone could be the HONOR V2 Flip or the HONOR V3 Flip, it all depends on when it will launch. We’re only taking a wild guess based on the name of the company’s book-style foldable. HONOR could opt for a completely different name for it.

When it comes to a flip phone, George Zhao said that the company is “in the final stage” of preparing the device. He also added that HONOR is “very positive about foldables for the future”.

This device will compete directly with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip series. As I said, it all depends on when will it launch, but it’ll go against both the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 6, kind of. AI features were teased for the device too.

HONOR already has a fantastic book-style foldable out there, well, several of them. In addition to that, the company launched its new flagship, the HONOR Magic6 Pro at MWC 2024, in case you’re interested.

The HONOR Ring’s launch timeframe wasn’t mentioned, but it’s safe to assume it’ll launch this year

In regards to the HONOR Ring, he did not specifically say it will launch this year, but we’re guessing it will. George Zhao did say that HONOR has “this kind of solution”, referring to the smart ring. He also said that HONOR is “working on that part, so in the future you can have the HONOR RIng”.

HONOR does dabble in the smartwatch market too. So, this definitely won’t be the company’s first foray into the fitness side of things, not at all. We’re guessing that the HONOR Ring will be fitness-focused, as are the others.

There is a slight chance that we may have to wait until 2025 to get that device, but that’s not as likely. We believe the HONOR Ring will launch this year, especially considering that Samsung will deliver one in H2 2024.