How God saved me from firing squad – Singer Buchi

GOSPEL singer, Buchi Atuonwu, simply known as Buchi, has revealed how God saved him from firing squad.
During an interview on Channels Television’s Morning Brief program, Buchi said he and some other people were already lined up for execution by the firing squad.
He said despite not being religious, his desperation to be alive made him call on God and make a promise to dedicate his life to serving Him in exchange for his life if spared.
He narrated, “At a point in my life, we were laying up for execution. Indeed, the people who were to execute us were already kneeling, ready to fire. It is true that I called out to a God that I didn’t know, saying if you save me, I will serve you. Since we don’t have all the time, let me just say that He saved me from that firing squad.
“Then I devoted my life to serving him. To see that my music is not empty and that it becomes an extension of a classroom for me having been a teacher in the university. The stage became an extension of the classroom. Who says musicians can not sing about GMOs, government policies, trends, events, and happenings that inform the quality of life of the people?”
Speaking on what influenced his choice of music, Buchi said his background and an intention to make a change after being spared from death were the factors responsible for his style of music.
“I come from a peculiar background. Night club DJ and at the same time a university lecturer and transiting to the choir of a church having been involved in the campus confraternity, drug abuse, and youth violence amongst others.
“My kind of music has to be somewhat different. Influenced by that background and also with an intention to make a change, it led me to the kind of stories that you are referring to. Stories that manured the songs that I put out, such as gun running and violence,” he stated