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How I Grew From Okitipupa To Becoming Successful Industry Player – Ogunwo – Independent Newspaper Nigeria


How I Grew From Okitipupa To Becoming Successful Industry Player – Ogunwo – Independent Newspaper Nigeria

ABUJA – The founder and Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of Afriprize, a gaming platform, Olumide M. Ogunwo, has shared an inspirational journey on how he grew from Okitipupa in Ondo state to becoming a tech enthusiast and a major player in the gaming industry.

A statement personally signed by him revealed that his life story begins in an old garage, in Okitipupa, but his roots trace back to Ode-Aye, adding that even as a student, he was captivated by technology, managing a cybercafe and diving into the digital world early on.

He revealed that after high school, Ogunwo wanted to explore new places and ended up in Awka, Anambra where he began learning about cybersecurity and game development.

He said: “The internet opened doors to global communities, I made friends and discovered ways to earn online. At just 17, I started trading digital currencies and creating content for websites like Waptrick and Sefan, showing my entrepreneurial spirit.”

Traditional education, however, took a back seat as Ogunwo found a treasure trove of opportunities on Craigslist, where he started connecting landlords with tenants, earning commissions for his verification services.

“Though I spent my early earnings carefreely, this venture sparked my journey into entrepreneurship”, he said.

Ogunwo also traveled to Senegal with his best friend to explore bounty hunting and vulnerability identification for companies, but unfortunately, tragedy struck during a beach celebration that claimed his friend’s life.

Afterward, he returned to Nigeria but remained resilient and continued to shine as he navigated through various living situations, adapting to the unpredictable nature of life.

“Each setback became a stepping stone, leading me to Akure and a promising project that aligned with my skills and interests. Realizing my financial naivety, I didn’t shy away from the challenge. Instead, I embarked on a quest for knowledge in financial management, showcasing a willingness to learn and grow”, he said.

As the idea that would redefine his path emerged, Olumide’s resilience stood as the foundation for innovation, and each twist and turn in his journey unfolded not as obstacles but as opportunities for growth.

“Every challenge was a chance to improve and adapt,” Olumide explains.