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How to mine Hamster Combat coins and earn money from it 

The interest of Nigerians in Web 3 projects significantly increased following the very successful airdrop campaign by Notcoin which had many Nigerians earning money.

The increase in interest is reflected in the explosion in engagement by Nigerians on other Web3 projects like Tapswap and Hamster Combat which are similar telegram-based projects.

We are now going to dive into Hamster Combat which has gained significant popularity amongst Nigerians. The Web3 project shares similar rules of engagement with Tapswap and we will be looking out how to join it and earn money from it.

Hamster is one of the latest sensations in the Play to Earn category of Crypto projects. It is a fast-growing play-to-earn game in the mobile game space launched less than a month ago on Telegram.

It’s a free project designed to provide users with a fun and engaging way to earn crypto. In Hamster Combat you tap repeatedly at the game’s interface to earn coins in the mobile-based Telegram application. According to its website, you rise in rank with your increased participation.

Playing Hamster Combat is very similar to playing Tapswap. All you have to do is tap repeatedly on your screen to accumulate coins and grow your crypto empire by gathering your coins.

Your rank in the game grows with the number of coins you can accumulate.

To withdraw your mined coins to your wallet, follow these instructions: