HP announced four new affordable Chromebooks

The Chromebook market is a bit weird nowadays, but that’s not stopping companies from launching new devices. In fact, HP just announced four new Chromebooks, and they’re all pretty affordable with the cheapest model starting at $299.

HP is a leader in the PC space, and it’s launched some compelling Chromebooks over the years. Now, it’s welcoming the new 14-series of Chromebooks. This series of Chromebooks also includes several Chromebook Plus models. Google introduced Chromebook Plus last year, and this is a line of more advanced Chromebooks that are much more powerful and capable than typical Chromebooks. These are machines for people who want to get some serious work done.

HP announced some new 14-series Chromebooks

Starting off with the cheapest model, we have the HP Chromebook 14a (2024). Being the cheapest model, you can expect some very modest specs. This computer has a whopping 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Those are numbers we’d see from flagship smartphones back in 2015. Powering this device, we have the Intel Celeron Processor.

Moving on to the display, we’re looking at a 14-inch LCD panel with a resolution of 1,366 x 768. So, this is basically 720P with a few more pixels. You’re not going to be buying this computer for this display. However, it’s good enough to get the job done. Other than that, this computer has a pretty impressive set of speakers and charges via USB-C.

HP Chromebook 14 plus 14a (2024)

Moving up the ladder, we have the Plus model of the HP Chromebook 14a (2024). Not much is different between these two models. However, you’re going to be getting some tastier specs. We’re looking at double the RAM at 8GB and four times the storage at 128GB.

So, you’ll be able to have more apps in Windows open.  Also, you’ll be able to store more files. These are features that more business-focused individuals would like. Powering this computer is a more powerful Intel Core N-series processor.

Moving on to the display, the size remains the same at 14 inches, but the resolution is now 1080p.

This model costs a bit more than the 14a, coming in at $529.99.

HP Chromebook 14 aHP Chromebook 14 a

HP Chromebook X360 14b (2024)

What sets this computer apart from the previously mentioned is the fact that the screen can rotate 360°. Also, it’s a touch screen. So this is the kind of computer for people who want to write or draw on their computer screen. At $399, we know that this computer will have rather modest specs. However, it will be just enough to some get work done.

HP Chromebook Plus 14 aHP Chromebook Plus 14 a

HP Chromebook Plus x360 14b (2024)

Next, we have the computer with the longest name of all the models. Like the above-mentioned computer, this computer can rotate its display a full 360°. Like the other Plus model, we expect this model to have more robust specs compared to the regular. Also, it will come in at a price of $599.

HP Chromebook Plus X360 14 aHP Chromebook Plus X360 14 a

We expect these new HP 14-series Chromebooks to go on sale sometime in April. So, if any of these computers pique your interest, then you won’t have long to wait.