Hurry and grab this 2TB SSD from Crucial for only $115

Crucial P3 Plus 2TB SSD Deal jpg.webp

Crucial is a long-standing brand in PC hardware, specializing in storage and RAM solutions, and right now Amazon has a deal on the Crucial P3 Plus 2TB SSD that you don’t want to miss. This SSD is regularly $170 but you can currently pick it up for just $115. That saves you $55 and that’s a pretty good deal for 2TB of storage. You can use this type of SSD for both laptops and desktops. However, because the sequential read speed is below Sony’s recommended 5,500 MB/s, this doesn’t make for a good option for PS5 users looking to expand storage.

If finding an SSD for PS5 is your main concern, then Samsung’s 2TB 980 Pro with a heatsink is an excellent option and it’s available for $180. As for the Crucial P3 Plus, it’s a great SSD to use inside of your PC and it’ll be more than suitable for both gaming and your regular day-to-day tasks. It has a sequential read speed of 5000 MB/s which is plenty fast and with 2TB of space you have lots of room for whatever you need to store. Especially if you’re using this as a secondary drive or one of the multiple drives you plan to have in your PC.

And at this price, you might as well buy two. Now I’ve been using Crucial drives for years and while not the only brand I tend to go with, Crucial’s drives are always extremely reliable and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. We all want to save money but that doesn’t mean we want to skip out on performance and reliability. And luckily with this drive from Crucial you don’t have to make that sacrifice.

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