Hurry! The Seagate 1TB SSD for Xbox Series X|S is down to $126

Xbox Segate SSD Deal jpg.webp

When the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles first launched, one of the major downsides was the price of storage expansion,  but you can kiss that time goodbye with this deal on the Seagate storage expansion cards. Right now Amazon is offering the 1TB SSD card for a whopping 43% off which means you can score this extra space for games at just $125.99. This is down from the regular price of $219.99 which is a major discount.

The Xbox Series X already comes with 1TB of storage internally. But, this fills up extremely fast. For instance, before I picked up extra storage for my PS5, it only took a few large games to take up most of the internal space the PS5 has. Now the Series X comes with slightly more storage, but when games like Call of Duty are around 74GB and games like Destiny 2 are well over 100GB, it starts to add up. That being said, $220 is a lot for an expansion SSD. So this deal really is an amazing find you don’t want to pass up if you don’t already have more room for games.

The Seagate expansion card SSD works for both the Series X and the Series S, too. Not only that, but the 2TB card is on sale as well. The regular price for the 2TB model is $359.99. But you can currently pick it up for $249.99 instead. If 1TB of extra storage isn’t going to be enough, swing for the 2TB model. A 2TB SSD is what I had in my PS5 for about 2 years before upgrading to a 4TB SSD and I only ever once came close to running out of space, which is why I upgraded. With this Seagate SSD you can play all of your games from the drive and it easily plugs right into the back.

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