I Don’t Make Afrobeats – Singer, Fireboy Clears the Air


Fireboy DML, a prominent Nigerian artist, has emphasized that his music is not Afrobeats.

He did, however, say that his “roots and identity” are always reflected in his music.

The ‘Peru’ singer appeared as a guest on the most recent episode of the Amazon Music podcast ‘B And N.’

He said, “As I always said, I don’t make Afrobeats. I just sort of like combined stuffs. I do different kinds of music so even when I am making R&B or pop, you can hear the Yoruba ‘h’ factor.

“You just know that this is not an American or British person, so you can always tell that my roots and my identity is always in my music.”

Fireboy believes Nigerian musicians should capitalise on their newfound worldwide reputation and create a structure for their own music business.

“One thing I want to take about is we are here [Western world] now. Afrobeats is here now. So what is the way forward? What next?

“I personally think this Afrobeats to the world thing shouldn’t be given more attention. I mean, we are already here. even before the Grammy [created an African category], we’ve already been recognised. We’ve achieved so much. So we need to build a structure. And more concerned about the future of the genre; the sustainability,” he said.