“I feel incredibly privileged” – Burna Boy reacts after being awarded by Boston

Burna boy 2
  • The Council presented a plaque to the ‘Last Last’ crooner singer during his ‘I Told Them’ tour in Boston.
  • Burna expressed his immense gratification and honor by lifting the plaque on stage in Boston, as seen in a photo shared on his Twitter page.

The Council formally awarded a plaque to the ‘Last Last’ singer on the Boston leg of his ‘I Told Them‘ tour on Saturday.

Burna took to Twitter (X) to share a photo of himself lifting the plaque on stage:

“I feel incredibly honoured and privileged! Thank you Boston!

“The goal has always been the same, to bring the world together. We are all so different but all the same! 2nd of March a.k.a Burna Boy Day.”

Watch video below

In other new

Nigerian comedian and actor MC Pashun has remarked that the current economic crisis in the country makes him miss former President Muhammadu Buhari.

The performer conceded that Nigeria’s economy was not excellent under Buhari, but that it has gotten worse since President Bola Tinubu’s administration took over.

MC Pashun bemoaned to the audience at a recent event that the country is growing worse with each change of government.

He said; “I’m tired of this country [Nigeria]. Things keep getting worse with each change of government. It’s as if politicians hold meetings on how to make the masses suffer. Every new government will make you miss the last one.

“If I was told that I would miss Buhari, I wouldn’t believe it. I miss Buhari. He was a father to us. He made a couple of reckless decisions but his successor, Tinubu is doing the finishing work.

“Nigerians are lamenting. There’s no peace in the country. Tinubu is stressing everybody. The whole country is stressed.”