“I have extra yards of this ankara, Can’t be throwing away materials….” – Daniel Regha to those thinking he reuses fabrics

regha ankara

Daniel Regha, a Twitter celebrity, has informed those who assume he recycles clothes that he intends to make good use of the excess yards of ankara he wears.

This comes after the well-known online critic wore the same cloth during an interview on Channels TV’s Rubbin’ Minds.

In an effort to ease people’s fears, Daniel Regha, who previously denied being a troll, posted a photo of the remnants of the ankara he usually wears.

He stated that he cannot trash fine materials since he intends to use them wisely and has extra yards hanging around.

His words: “Some people think I am reusing fabrics. No; That’s not the case. I’ve extra yards of this ankara & I intend to make good use of it. Can’t be throwing away good materials….”

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Check out netizens reactions

Abuja Podcaster noted: “WE DONT CARE BLUD”

honest30bgfan stated: “Bro if na before you do this I for shade you, but as economy be now we understand”

SOMTO said: “Repeat after me “I will never be broke in my life”

Winifred advised: “Daniel, I think it is high time you throw this away, I mean this has been in existence before I was born 🤣”