“I prefer to marry yam than marry you” – TV presenter drags Faith Morey after revealing her cosmetic surgery

Faith Morey
  • A Galaxy TV presenter dragged reality TV star Faith Morey into revealing her cosmetic surgery.
  • Reality star Faith Morey shared in an interview on News Central about her childhood as a tomboy without boobs.
  • Growing up, her sports activities like basketball hindered her from developing boobs like a normal girl, leading to cosmetic surgery for larger boobs.

Reality TV personality Faith Morey dragged by a Galaxy TV starafter she revealed her cosmetic surgery.

Recall that reality actress Faith Morey said that she was a tomboy and didn’t have boobs when she was younger in an interview on News Central’s “Body Positivity.”

She revealed that she played basketball as a child and other sports, which prevented her from developing the typical girl’s breasts. As a result, she had to obtain cosmetic surgery to increase the size of her breasts.

A television presenter from Galaxy TV responded to Faith’s revelation by saying that men prefer women with real bodies than women with artificial bodies.

He went on to say that he would rather marry a tuber of yam than the reality star if he were the last guy on Earth.

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