“i regret ever hoping on that song” – Justin Bieber calls out Wizkid for contributing to his failed career

wizkid justin

On Instagram, American musician Justin Bieber vented his dissatisfaction with his purportedly failing career by saying that he regretted joining Wizkid’s remix of Wizkid’s Essence song, which included Tems.

Bieber stated that his career has not been the same since he recorded the song, and it is tough to attribute his professional failure to the popular musical hit, Essence.

In terms of failed careers, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when and when Justin Bieber’s career took a turn for the worst. Beginning at the age of thirteen, he has had one of the most successful runs in music history.

After talking about his regrets, he also posted a photo of himself crying.

Given that Essence was one of Wizkid’s most successful songs recently, it’s probable that he may reply to Bieber’s remarks even if he hasn’t yet.