”If you want Nigerian girls you need to come with money” – Comedian Shankcomics shares on behalf of all Nigerian girls

MixCollage 28 May 2024 09 52 PM 4660

In a recent interview, comedian and skit maker Shankcomics made a shocking revelation about Nigerian girls.

An interviewer showed interest in pursuing Nigerian girls, and that’s when Shankcomics offered unbridled advise.

Shankcomics said that before any man asks a Nigerian girl out, the person needs to come prepared with money.

This statement clearly didn’t sit well with some netizens, as they took to the comment section to vent;

chocolate_plug wrote, “No but is he lying Why drag him as if we’re doing any good? Is it not a Nigerian girl that sat down few days
back and said all those things in a podcast about a man giving her money and he can sleep with her? Don’t even drag shank for being realistic na we dey do ourselves”

madamewebx wrote, “So this guy has access to an international platform and this is what he chose to say? Thank God say him mama and sisters dey among us “Nigerian girls””

prorugie wrote, “They talked about coming to Nigeria as a country Shank did not talk about our food, cultures or anything else that they will encounter. He didn’t choose to tell them that there won’t be constant electricity when they come, he chose to redirect to Nigerian girls, and chose to sell such about his own kind of girls. Of the
millions of good girls that we have in this country, he chose to describe all the doctors and lawyers and the nonprofessional hardworking females by the standards of the hook up girls that HE CHOOSES to deal with.”

alicethetechychef wrote, “I’m not surprised at all. Never saw him as someone with common sense. I don’t blame him, na the
yeye girls wey dey stain my white I blame. It is well.”

diaryoftitigold wrote, “He’s actually right… Nigerians and not wanting to be shown evidence of who they are . Everyone is forming selective amnesia all of a sudden Same way when people come out to say the country is bad, people will say you are spoiling your country but it is what it is . You can’t be one thing,and want to be called something else Face what you are with your chest !!!”

preety_lizzy wrote, “but he is not wrong, why are most people angry. tolani baj and saida will agree with his point”

kingaloma wrote, “I love Nigerians and fake rage online about the truth shad When we see it everyday about how everyone keep saying na money be fine bobo and just make money!! We see them using Ned as reference point”