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Ikoyi Club to host international golfers at Golf tournament


The Ikoyi Club 1938 will this Saturday, May 25, host golf enthusiasts and international community of golfers for a tournament. The match play, which would be competed between Nigeria versus the international community, will take place at the Ikoyi Club Golf Section in Lagos.

Speaking ahead of the tournament, captain of the Ikoyi Club Golf Section, Tade Adekunle, stressed that the competition is being organised to celebrate the camaraderie, skill, and enduring values of golf among Nigeria and the international community of golfers. He noted that the tournament will foster an inclusive environment for all golf players and enthusiasts.

He said: “At Ikoyi Club Golf Section, we believe that golf should be accessible to all, regardless of nationalities. The Match play is a testament to our dedication to fostering collaboration and bonding bringing seasoned golfers and members to come together in the spirit of friendly competition”.

Highlighting the club’s activities for the year, Adekunle added: “We have a calendar of events planned like Memorial Cup, Club Championship, and Captains Day Tournament. These activities aim to enhance golfing experience for our members and strengthen their sense of community in our club.”

In his remarks, Captain of the day for the International Community Mr. Mark Walsh echoed the sentiments of the Golf Section Captain on the impact of golf in building collaboration and cross-cultural engagement.

In a similar vein, the Captain of the day for the Nigerian side, Ademola Abidogun stated that, “the game offers opportunities for networking and to deepen therelationship between Nigeria and international communities”

A former captain at the Club, Meckson Okoro, said that competition is beyond a match, as it offers health benefits for participants.
He noted that event is coming at a time when the Club is observing their corporate social responsibility.