”I’m going back to school to get my 4th degree” – Dj Cuppy shares as she advises Nigerians to pursue their passions

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Dj Cuppy has raised the bar on education, as she recently revealed that she would be going back to school to pursue her fourth degree.

In a video dedicated to breaking lifestyle patterns, Dj Cuppy stated that she had just finished a disc jockey gig, and had started her application for a degree in an academically challenging school.

Dj Cuppy said that a first, she found it to be tasking, but she told herself that if she could get three degrees, then a fourth one wouldn’t be an issue.

She said that it was at the age of thirty that she obtained her third degree. Dj Cuppy went on to explain how patterns affect our productivity, and how we perform in life.

Going forward, she advised people to break patterns and go for what they wanted in life, just as she’s currently doing.

Dj Cuppy has proven to be a busy bee over the years, alternating between her job as a disc jockey and a musician, while juggling education on the other hand.

She has had quite a few successful hits over the years like Jollof on the Jet and Gelatto. Although both songs didn’t get entirely positive reviews, they trended regardless.

DJ Cuppy’s music isn’t the only thing that had gotten mixed reviews over the years, as her wardrobe choice has often been a topic of concern for fans.

Her predominantly pink wardrobe helped to stand out, alongside her signature pink hair, but it didn’t sit well with a lot of her fans.

Dj Cuppy’s love for pink transcended beyond her wardrobe, as her penthouse, which she calls ‘the pink penthouse’ is entirely pink as the name suggests. Even her dogs didn’t miss the mark, as they’re often seen in cute pink outfits.

In recent times, Dj Cuppy has played around with different colors, and she seems to be getting the hang of it.