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Insecurity: Vandals destroy three TCN towers in Maiduguri in fresh setback for North-East power supply  

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has reported the vandalisation of three electricity towers in Maiduguri, Borno State, thereby delaying the restoration of electricity supply to the North-East region. 

In a statement by the TCN signed by its Public Affairs Manager, Ndidi Mbah, the company noted that it has encountered some delays in its effort to restore power supply to the North-East due to the collapse of one of its towers during the “cabling process” 

The company noted that its contractors have been mobilised to site for the reconstruction of the collapsed towers.  

The statement reads, The Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, hereby states that tower number T290, one of the four new towers erected by TCN contractors along the Jos-Gombe 330kV transmission line, collapsed during the cable stringing process.” 

It is unfortunate to note that while TCN is working on reconstructing and restringing the four vandalized towers, three (3) towers along the Biu-Dambua 132kV transmission line were also vandalized with 16 spans of conductors stolen. The towers, which have all collapsed, include towers T1690, T1691, and T1692. TCN has mobilized a contractor to commence their reconstruction. This discovery was made by the TCN patrol team last Friday. 

Additionally, this morning, the TCN lines patrol team discovered that tower T540 along the Makurdi-Jos 330kV double circuit transmission line had been vandalized. Sections of the tower have been removed, although the tower remains standing. TCN has contracted emergency repairs to prevent its collapse.” 

In early April, the TCN had disclosed that vandals damaged four of its towers on the Jos-Gombe 330kV transmission line. 

Mbah had stated that the transmission line experienced an initial trip, and despite efforts by the company’s operators to restore it, the issue reccurred.

Consequently, TCN dispatched operators to locate and fix the fault along the line.  

The destruction of the towers plunged the North-East region into darkness as bulk electricity supply was significantly curtailed. 

The TCN informed the governors of the North-East states that efforts were on track to restore electricity to the region by May 27, 2024, in accordance with previous commitments.

However, that is no longer possible in the light of the recent vandalisation of its transmission facilities.  

Vandalisation and destruction of electricity transmission facilities is rife in the North-East, with the Boko Haram insurgency selling parts of these facilities as profitable. 

The consistent destruction of power transmission facilities by vandals could prevent the much-needed investments into the power sector.