iPhone 15 is underperforming in the world's largest market

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The Apple iPhone 15 series seems to be underperforming in the world’s largest smartphone market. The market in question is China, of course, and based on recent reports, retailers are offering various discounts in order to boost demand, reports Bloomberg.

The iPhone 15 series has seemingly been underperforming in the world’s largest market

The iPhone 15 series has been underperforming in China since launch. Various discounts have been in place since then, but some additional ones are on offer now. Why is this the case, though? Apple’s iPhones have usually been very popular in China.

Well, there are several reasons why this may be the case. At least several come to mind straight away. The first one that we thought of is… Huawei. Huawei has started releasing phones with 5G once again, in its homeland, thanks to its new Kirin processor.

Huawei did not have a 5G phone to offer since the US ban took place. The company has seen huge demand in its homeland, so huge that it had serious issues keeping with it: We are talking about the flagship Mate 60 series here, by the way.

Huawei definitely grabbed a piece of the market from Apple, as it has been on the rise

So, Huawei definitely took a piece of Apple’s pie in China. The second reason could be the deflating Chinese economy, as Phone Arena reports, while the iPhone ban in government agencies and state-backed companies is yet another reason to add to the list. Other Chinese companies have also applied pressure on Huawei, by releasing very compelling products. Companies like Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo.

A Chinese retailer, Tmall, which is huge, and owned by the Alibaba Group, discounted the iPhone 15 Pro Max by $180. That is $60 more than Tmall offered in the same period last year. is also running a similar deal for the device.

Reuters says that some retailers in the country also discounted the iPhone 14 Pro in order to attract demand. The demand for iPhones in general doesn’t seem to be that high, not only the iPhone 15 series.