iPhone owners put FineWoven cases on blast over poor quality

iphone 15 finewoven jpeg.webp

Apple FineWoven iPhone cases are getting a lot of negative feedback on social media over their poor quality and low endurance. As Businessinsider reports, users complain that the $59 FineWoven cases are rotting and peeling just a few months after purchase.

Following the iPhone 15 launch, Apple announced it plans to ditch leather from its accessories lineup. Supposedly to meet its zero-emission goal. Back then, Apple said the FineWoven option would replace the leather. The iPhone maker described FineWoven as a “durable micro-twill” with a “soft, suede-like feel.” Apple claimed that the FineWoven cases are made with 68% “post-consumer recycled content.”

While this seemed like a noble addition at first, users are now mad with the poor quality of FineWoven cases. An X user wrote that just after four months of standard real-world use, his FineWoven case had lost its initial appeal and quality, describing it as the worst product Apple has ever released.

On retailer websites like BestBuy and Amazon, iPhone owners are raising their voices against the terrible quality of FineWoven cases.

FineWoven iPhone cases are peeling just after a few months

Joanna Stern also wrote in The Wall Street Journal Tech Things newsletter that her FineWoven iPhone case is peeling after five months of use. “The edges are peeling, the fabric is scratched up like an old CD, and it’s browning like a rotten banana. I’ve been waiting for the CDC to show up at my house to declare it a biomedical concern.”

The Verge report in September covered the poor quality of FineWoven iPhone cases. Apple hasn’t yet responded to the requests for comment. It remains to be seen if the company will refund the buyers and ditch the material from iPhone 16 accessories.

While Apple pitched FineWoven cases as an eco-friendly replacement for leather, a report from the EU revealed that Apple is not very honest about its carbon footprint. The report concluded that despite Apple’s claims, the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 are not carbon-neutral.