Is the Gemini app a Bust? Its Play Store rating tanked hard

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Google recently released the official Gemini app, and it quickly rocketed in ranking. It had received an above-4-star rating soon after making it to the masses. It’s available in more places in the world now, so millions of people are using it. However, it seems that many people are not liking the Gemini app, as it has a low Google Play Store rating.

You can tell a lot about an app from how many people are willing to give it five stars. However, you can tell a lot more by how many frustrated people are willing to give it one star. In the case of Gemini, there seems to be a substantial number of the latter, and the app is sitting at a measly 3.2-star rating. Just hours after it launched, it was sitting at a decent 4.2-star rating.

Why the Gemini app has a low Google Play Store rating

Using the Gemini app, there aren’t any major bugs that we’ve seen. Also, it can do all of the things that you can do with Gemini on the web. The Gemini app is a great chatbot app, but it’s a TERRIBLE assistant app.

In case you don’t know, Google is moving to replace Assistant with Gemini. This means that the tasks that you’d use Assistant for will all go through the Gemini app. You’d expect this to point to a significant upgrade; Gemini is a powerful generative AI chatbot.

However, it’s missing many of the useful features that made Assistant useful. The Assistant is able to integrate with several apps and system functions to create a great and integrated experience. However, Gemini can’t do many of the functions that Assistant can do. It just gained the ability to make reminders via Google Tasks.

This is the main reason why people are giving this app one and two stars; it seems extremely rushed. Google Assistant was massaged into the Android operating system over the course of nearly eight years. It got better and better over time, and it showed how much attention Google put into it.

However, Gemini was shoehorned into the operating system over the course of a few months. Because of this, Google didn’t have the time to really integrate Gemini into the operating system. Google Assistant was a part of the Android operating system and the Gemini app is just that, it’s an app.

Of course, Google is going to gradually add the functionality over time, but this is a really poor way for the company to go about doing this. Many of the users are giving it a low rating for this reason.