Isaac Fayose reveals why a lot of women choose to marry Portable

isaac portable

Isaac Fayose, a social media figure, takes aim at Portable, claiming that the only reason attractive ladies married him is hunger.

The cousin of the former Governor of Ekiti State has received conflicting reactions from netizens for his comments.

In the video he posted on Instagram, he was sitting in what seemed to be a lounge with a female acquaintance who he said was the originator of the comment.

They both feel that only hunger can drive a beautiful young girl to wind up with Portable, who is infamous for his tantrums.

Only recently did the artist make a stir over his first wife, Bewaji,’s birthday remark, in which she used the phrase “Queen of herself” to describe herself.

Portable was enraged by this and claimed that because he was the one who supplied for her, she had no right to say such.

She was finally forced to remove ... from her Facebook when the singer threatened to send her packing if she did not.

Watch Isaac Fayose’s video below.