“It’s difficult to say RIP” – Zubby Michael finally mourns Junior Pope

Zubby Micheal Junior Pope

Actor Zubby Michael has finally spoken out about the demise of his colleague, Junior Pope.

On Thursday, the 39-year-old posted a picture of Junior Pope on his Instagram page, stating that it is difficult to say goodbye.

“It is difficult to say RIP Nwanne,” he simply stated.

Social media users chastised the actor for failing to publicly respond to Junior Pope’s heartbreaking demise in a boat accident, along with four others.

Junior Pope was pronounced dead on the night of April 10 after multiple attempts to revive him failed. The actor, together with make-up artist Abigail Frederick and the production crew, drowned in the Anam River on their way back from the set of Another Side of Life, a film produced by Adanma Luke.

While several of his colleagues, including Angela Okorie, Ebele Okaro, Ini Edo, Destiny Etiko, Chizzy Alichi, Prince Eke, Jerry Amilo, Patience Ozokwo, and Lizzy Gold, openly responded to Junior Pope’s murder, Zubby Micheal chose to remain silent.

His silence enraged Angela Okorie, who made many accusations against him on Instagram, including suspicions of envy and selfishness.

However, in an Instagram post on Thursday, April 18, Zubby responded to people who asked why he had not publicly mourned his colleague or posted a photo of the deceased like others.

He uploaded a video to his page with the caption; “Make una rest no be by posting.”