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IWD: I hope a woman becomes Nigeria’s president — PDP Chair

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The National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Umar Damagum, has expressed the hope that the next president of Nigeria should be a woman.

This is as Damagun noted Damag that men have let down the current generation of Nigerians.

Damagum, represented by the PDP National Secretary, Samuel Anyanwu, made this statement during the PDP International Women’s Day 2024 celebration at the party’s national headquarters in Abuja on Friday.

IWD is a global event that celebrates women’s achievements in social, economic, cultural, and political realms, while also driving forward the cause of gender equality.

It inspires diverse activities worldwide, bringing communities together to recognise women’s accomplishments and champion their rights to equality.

It is celebrated on March 8 annually. The official theme of the day for the United Nations is ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate progress’.

PDP’s sub-theme, “Empowering Women and Girls for Political Leadership,” arises from the urgent demand and campaigning for increased female presence in politics.

Damagum stressed the significant role of mothers and women, stating that it cannot be overstated while highlighting the PDP as the sole party providing opportunities for women to succeed.

PDP National Chairman stated, “The significance of mothers and the role of women cannot be overstated. Let me be sincere with you, I pray and hope that, even if not in our generation, one day a woman will become the president of this country. I say this with utmost sincerity and from the depth of my heart because I believe that the men have failed this generation.

“In politics, that’s why the founding fathers of PDP recognise the importance of women. Today, in Nigeria, no matter how you look at it, PDP is the most democratic party in Nigeria and Africa. It’s the only party that provides women with the opportunity to aspire to any position without having to buy any form. We do this to encourage women.”

Earlier, PDP National Woman Leader, Amina Divine Arong, emphasised that achieving gender equality in political participation and leadership is essential for reaching sustainable development goals by 2030.

Arong said despite women being recognised as influential catalysts for positive change with demonstrated advantages, women still face significant underrepresentation in politics and other fields.

She said, “The importance of having women in leadership positions cannot be overemphasised as result has shown clearly that Companies and organisations led by women seem to have fared better than their counterparts during times of financial crisis. Having women as leaders and decision-makers at all levels is critical to advancing gender justice, and gender equality and furthers economic, social, and political progress for all.

“While it is important that we continue to advocate for the active participation of women in politics in Nigeria, it is also very key that we imbibe the culture of actively supporting women and girls into leadership positions as well as involve them in decision-making processes.”

She stressed that women need to be inspired to pursue leadership roles and must be adequately trained, prepared, and capable of fulfilling such positions.

She added that women already in leadership roles should facilitate access to opportunities for growth and development.

She stated, “We must end discrimination against working mothers and break down maternal walls which are prejudices faced by working mothers and women seeking jobs.

“Empower women to be financially independent and also create a monetary scheme that allows women to generate funds as a means of support for women who intend to run for elective offices.

“Appointment and Elective positions within the party must be seen to reflect the 35% affirmative action enshrined in party constitutions and should not be restricted to only a position.”

“Young women and girls must be groomed and encouraged not maligned and shut out of the political space. Getting them involved in projects, programs, Party activities and processes and affording them the opportunity to play key roles within the party will go a long way to motivate and prepare them for effective leadership.”